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Peach and Nectarine Nitrogen Uptake and Partitioning

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Seasonal N Uptake

Nitrogen in 'O'Henry' peach trees, a late variety [11]. Nitrogen uptake from soil is minimal during dormancy and low during bud swell. Nitrogen uptake is greatest from mid-spring through early fall but occurs as long as leaves are physiologically active [10].

Nitrogen Partitioning

Nitrogen distribution in 6-year old 'O'Henry' peach trees. Whole trees were excavated and analyzed at harvest [11].

Nitrogen Removed at Harvest

Nitrogen removed with harvested peach and nectarine fruits. The value includes all nutrients removed in fruits and pits. The overall average is weighted for the number of observations in each trial. More information can be found here [5].




Peach and Nectarine Fertilization Guidelines


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