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Nitrogen calculator for processing tomatoes

This calculator was developed based on results from a 3-year study in commercial subsurface-drip irrigated fields in the Central Valley and a replicated field trial at UC Davis. More information on the project can be found here.

Field-Specific Input

Planting date:

Expected harvest date:

Expected Yield: tons/acre

Residual nitrate in 1st foot:

Residual nitrate in 2nd foot:

Nitrate in irrigation water:

Estimated total irrigation: acre-inches

Starter/preplant fertilizer:

Nitrogen Uptake and Applications

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The graph and the calculations are based on N uptake data from commercial fields in the Central Valley. Weather conditions, management and variety selection all can affect N uptake and availability. It is therefore important to monitor the N status of the field during the season with soil or leaf analyses. More information about soil and leaf sampling can be found here.

Nitrogen Budget

Estimated N uptake:

In-season N mineralization:

Available residual nitrate:

Nitrate in irrigation water:

Starter N applied:

Assumed fertilizer N use efficiency:

In-season fertigation N needed:

Suggested In-Season Fertigations

First fertigation:

Number of weekly fertigations:

Last fertigation:

Amount of N applied each time: